Your Car Tyre, Wheel, & Suspension Inspection Service Report.

Obviously, having BRAKES that function properly is something that every driver considers a priority. Don't forget its the tyre contact with the roadway where the stopping power is applied. Remember, Tyres, Wheels, Suspension are the family that stops you.
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picture of brake disc being repaired

Ensure Your Tyres, Wheels, Suspension and Brakes Will Stop You in Time.

  • Tyre inspection for grip & defects

  • Wheel safety check and balance

  • Suspension linkages

  • Springs

  • Shock absorbers

Get your car tyres & brakes in tune to stop you in time.

Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton have experienced brake system technicians who can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s suspension and braking system components and advise you on any necessary repairs and service items. We use only the most trusted brands, and our work is backed by our lifetime workmanship warranty*.

When is your car due for it's brake and tyre health report?

Have you had your car's brakes, tyres and suspension checked in the last 12 months? If your car is due for a service, or you’d like to ensure your vehicle is safe, then call us on
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The essentials for car safety.

  • Suspension and Steering.

  • Brakes.

  • Springs, Shocks & Struts

  • Lights, Windscreen, Wipers, Vision

$197 Brake service kit includes:

  • Supply and fit Bendix disc pads.

  • Inspect disc rotors for condition, measure thickness.

  • Inspect brake caliper operation.

  • Clean and lubricate caliper sliding pins and contact areas.
  • Check brake fluid age & condition and top up if necessary.

  • Visually inspect brake master cylinder.

  • Check park brake operation and adjust.

Common Brake Problems and The Warning Signs

  • A spongy brake pedal.

  • A grinding sound when you depress the brake pedal.

  • Squealing brakes.

  • The car pulling to one side when you brake.
  • The brake warning light illuminating.

  • Brake fluid level dropping.

  • The brake pedal being hard to press.

  • Brake pedal bouncing.

Car Brakes,Tyre, Wheel and Suspension Interaction in Stopping.

High quality tyres in good condition are an important safety investment. They are the critical road contact point in the braking system of your car and have an important role in keeping your car in continuous contact with the road. Equally important are aligned and balanced wheels to make your car a pleasure to drive again.

If you are experiencing vibration or poor handling while driving, have problems keeping tyres inflated, have low tyre tread or can see obvious damage to your tyres, it is time to have them checked.

Regular servicing will keep you current on your tyre condition and is also a good opportunity to have your wheel alignments and wheel balances performed. These are low cost service and can greatly improve your driving experience and road safety.

New tyres, a wheel alignment and wheel balance go hand in hand to ensure good handling and that new car feel. Highway Auto Rockhampton are experienced at maintaining tyres and related components and can give you good advice on purchasing the correct tyres for your car.

You Get Trust, Knowledge and Expertise

Highway Auto Rockhampton is one of the best known names in car servicing and repairs Australia wide. We are independently owned and operated and known locally for our honest service, years of experience and knowledge, est. 1966. We have all the best tyres and latest equipment to perform your tyre fitting or wheel alignment and balance. All our work is backed by a 12 month nationwide warranty.

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